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Finance is the ‘Life-blood’ of any organization. It has been rightly termed as universal lubricant that keeps the enterprise vibrant & dynamic. We here at Gulf International appreciate how critical role the department could play and hence we employ various educated and experienced personnel with appropriate qualifications and associations with the International bodies for Finance and Accountancy to assist us in our operations and growth.

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The department holds fiduciary responsibility for the Company and provides a wide range of professional financial services, including: procurement, cash management, budget planning, accounting, reporting and risk management. The Information Technology provides information technology support and services to the Finance Division.

Vision Statement

To cultivate and develop an environment that promotes an integrated approach to management which is congenial, creative and collaborative to assist GI achieve profound growth and enjoy multi-national presence.

Mission Statement

Through our management practices we strive to create a working environment that enables us to use our skills and talents to best serve our stakeholders. The Finance Department staff is aware, and shares the organizations’ dedication to customer satisfaction.

Values we aspire!!

To accomplish our vision and mission, we share the following values:
• Integrity
• Objectivity
• Professional competence and due care
• Confidentiality
• Professional Behaviour
• Commitment to outstanding behaviour
• Empowerment
• Personal and Professional Growth
• Respect for Cultural Diversity

Precisely we are vision-oriented with a prime focus on organizational growth and the personnel we employ. We stand fully equipped and focused to continue to revamp the entire working styles of our organization and map them to meet our organizational objectives.

Information Technology

Information System Department lays down the scientific plans and mechanism as well as all that is related to information technology for the Business requirements. This includes following-up the maintenance and upgrading of the systems and procedures pertaining to information technology as well as supervising the upgrading of all the systems for the administrative and financial works and the communication network in line with state-of-the-art technologies

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ERPs are the backbone behind smooth Business operations, so we have implemented World’s finest fully Automatic Integration system -”Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing”-SAP in 2000 and because of continuous improvements reached up to 7.20 Final release version with full fledged modules for the Better reporting and analyzing purpose we implemented Business intelligence Application of SAP in 2005 and its upgraded to its level of 7.20. Automation of Van Sales has been done using latest models of Hand Held terminals and advanced technologies implemented for synchronization.

With a sophisticated and well secured wide area net work, our I.S. services are available at all our business locations. Employees can access the systems from anywhere in the world using well secured extranet. For providing better and finest IT Service to our users, used latest Business Communication technologies from Microsoft as well as the other providers for the fast business and management communication we provided Blackberry Enterprise level Services to our users

We have a well qualified, dedicated and motivated team which supports the entirety of systems, applications and networks. Our objective is to provide state of the art IT infrastructure for the organization and its employees to support the company in achieving its vision and to exceed expectations of our customers and partners.


Human Resources:

Gulf International is an equal opportunity employer and believes in a multicultural employee force.

We believe that long-term success of the Company depends on its capacity to attract, retain and develop employees able to ensure its growth on a continuing basis.

The force behind Gulf International is distinctive edge in the distribution business is its qualified, trained and diverse workforce. In line with the business growth, the organization has witnessed unparalleled manpower growth in daily operations. In Gulf internal, every employee has an individual and complementary role to execute and is encouraged to take personal responsibility to contribute to the long term growth of business.

If you are looking for a fascinating, multicultural and working environment, Gulf International is the place to work.

Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE)

Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) form an integral part of the Group activities and culture. Gulf International proposes to its Clients services that allow them to better meet the increasing requirements of the market and local authorities in terms of risk management related to working conditions and safety of employees and end users. The Group, it’s Divisions and Operating Companies have a high level of QHSE focus covering all areas of business operations and have dedicated resources to cater the path of continual improvements.

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We have a long-term commitment to the management of risk, quality, health, safety and environment (QHSE). This commitment can be seen: At the core of our company culture, where a concern for quality, safety, occupational health, and the environment is integrated into the way we work, In our determination to comply with regulatory requirements and, where possible, to anticipate them, In our ongoing quest to satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers and end-consumers.

Setting Pace Through Learning & Development (L & D) Training Programs: Gulf International conducts structured L & D Training Programs including; reforms through technology, business process re-engineering / mapping, developing and building staff skills & competencies, thus continuously improving our existing human resources force aligned with the up gradation and latest practices of our business processes. Apart from GI’s own focus on training, the Group has a Corporate Learning & Development Centre, which looks after the whole L & D & Training Portfolio of the Group & its Operating Companies. The objective is to transform GI & the Group, into a learning organization which will enable a high level of productive output to the Individual, Company and Group


Gulf International has a significant presence in the FMCG Business for more than 4 decades in the UAE. From Baby to personal and Homecare products, Frozen Foods to amazing Chocolates and Biscuits, Sports Drink to Fountain Pens. GI is involved in consumers’ mindset from all levels. With such a variety of Multinational and local brands it is easy to see how Gulf International plays a part of people’s everyday lives. GI has an experienced and trained Sales Force for building “The Best for the brands Across The UAE”. GI Sales Force reinforces our core distribution value “Always Available! Always Visible! Always Innovative!.”

This is possible only through our Sales Force which is:
• more specialized
• more directed
• more flexible
• more professional
• more productive

Our focus on setting clear goals and objectives, continuous development of skills and knowledge, Job performance appraisals and consequently, rewarding them for their achievements is what makes Gulf International’s teams excel in every category. GI uses a SMART objectives approach to ensure that teams have a clear direction building up towards the overall business strategy.

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Gulf International understands that successful sales strategies are created by people who possess a combination of critical thinking skills and expert-based, sales process experience. GI senior management staff has hard core FMCG experience, well upgraded by the current learning, skills and understanding of distribution business. We always try to synergize with the objectives of our partners. GI uses a process improvement program known as Sales Force Effectiveness which measures and assesses all components of the sales process and helps to derive maximum sales efficiency and effectiveness for our Principals, Customers as well as all Stakeholders.

Sales Force is the ‘Eyes & Ears” of the company and they enhance Gulf International’s corporate image by consistently improving ‘Customer Service’. We encourage teamwork, delegate responsibilities and empower people. A team of more than 300+ Salesman and Merchandisers manage the various markets across the country.

GI deals with all market segments in the UAE: Hypermarkets, Supermarkets, Stationeries, Wholesalers, Hotels, Pharmacies, Convenient Stores, Groceries, Schools, Cafés & other Horeca outlets etc. GI has dedicated sales & merchandising managers with full fledged teams for each Dedicated Business Unit like Johnson & Johnson, Henkel, Parker, Frozen & the Syndicated Business unit. Each division is responsible for implementing the entire range of activities for achieving the specific business objectives. Simultaneously there is a channel focus which in turn leads to ‘Customer Focus’. This diversification and focus ensures adequate share of market under each Business Unit. However, the entire company is harmonized to function as one well knitted team and this attributes to “Gulf International Leverage” in the market.

We believe in People and our People are our greatest asset. Gulf International’s Mission Statement “To Improve the quality of life for our people, customers and society” reinforces this belief and provides confidence to its Team. Gulf International invests continuously on people and technology. GI is one of the first companies in UAE that implemented SAP successfully and moved on to Business Warehousing. GI Van sales operate through Hand Held Terminals and provide wide and consistent coverage across the market through direct supplies to groceries. Gulf International is the first company who introduced the concept of in-house merchandisers and our merchandising team is fully trained to handle the 5Ps of merchandising effectively.

Gulf International’s sales teams are continuously updated through external as well as in house trainings, provided with all the necessary tools and latest gadget to assist them. The result is a compelling vision of an organization made up of Sales Force skilled at creating, acquiring and transferring knowledge. As a result our sales force is capable of handling all market challenges in a positive and productive manner to be ahead of completion and gain max market share for all its products. Our Sales force stands out with effective and timely implementation of product launches, prominent primary visibility, Creative secondary & Thematic displays at Point of Purchase. Differentiating Gulf International based on the effectiveness of Sales Force ensures our success in the highly competitive UAE market

Supply Chain

The Supply Chain is a system of people, technology, activities, information and resources involved in moving a product or service from supplier to customer.

The primary objective of supply chain team in Gulf International is the entire inbound logistics operations to fulfill customer demands through the most efficient use of resources, including distribution capacity, inventory and labor. We have a well qualified, dedicated and motivated team which supports the organization and its employees in achieving its vision

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ERPs are the backbone behind smooth Business operations, so we have implemented world’s finest fully Automatic integration system -”Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing”-SAP in 2000 October. For the Better reporting and analyzing purpose we implemented Business intelligence Application of SAP in 2005 and it is upgraded to its level of 7.20.

We are also using SAP MRP for forecasting, planning and ranging, which will deliver improved availability and waste management. It will also ensure excellent availability of products on time, without incurring excess costs. The system assists in generating and (as needed) revising demand plans to meet expected targets and replenishment plans to assure timely availability of stocks. All of this is done taking into the consideration the constraints and supply issues that may be faced by our business partners.

Working closely with other internal business units such as Sales, Trade Marketing, Warehousing & Distribution and Finance, the supply chain team offers the best solutions and ensures availability of right volumes at the right time by considering the changing FMCG business scenario in the Middle East.

Trade Marketing

“The More We Influence The Point of Purchase The More We Sell” ‘GI Trade Marketing Team provides unrivalled support in making it happen in store at the Point-of-Purchase’ by:

Using Trade Marketing insight to convert consumer and Category Business Team Strategies into Channel plans and Key Customer plans Always being ahead of Trade and shopper developments Being the value added bridge between Consumer Marketing and Sales Enhanced and innovative product visibility at Point-of-Purchase 70 percent of shopping decisions are now made at the trade or “point-of-purchase”. This new trend leads to the greater importance of merchandising and shopper promotions than consumer directed programs. As retailer giants continually expand throughout every opportune territory, the role of Trade Marketing in generating growth becomes more prioritized.

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Gulf International being one of the Top FMCG distributors in UAE handling prestigious multinational brands, it is our pride to have a highly talented, professional, competent, young and energetic Trade Marketing team that exhibits efficiency, passion and commitment. They are promising, innovative and trained to handle the most demanding challenges of a highly competent and demanding market. GI Trade Marketing prepares full year financial budgets derived out of fundamentals to achieve the overall vision of the company and brand-owners.

Trade marketing focuses on sales fundamentals, such as Distribution, Display, Promotion and Price. With data and knowledge of sales fundamentals, trade marketing develops market strategy aligned with brand strategy. In order to deliver sales volume and value, trade marketing supports sales forces with well-designed fundamental enhancement plans.

Trade Marketing is Pivotal in Multi-Functional Operations. They have significant responsibility in demand management. They are experts in shopper understanding by channel to develop strategies which are fully integrated with the company, category and brand strategies. Trade Marketing contributes to the sales and profit growth of the business through establishing clear differentiated approaches to channels and customers that deliver Company’s consumer plans, and in the designing of all propositions put to them – annual plans, new product launches and ongoing business development.

Trade Marketing will proactively interface internally with Sales, Marketing and the entire organisation to ensure accurate and timely communication and delivery of all information, insight and materials to sales, for the achievement of channel and company objectives. They act as the focal Point of Processes and Practices for the delivery of company’s Trade Marketing needs.

Our market intelligence team is tasked to better understand the consumers, the market place and competitors. Optimize visibility, Increase Sales and Grow Market Share are the key challenges faced in today’s market. Our Marketing team is tasked with the efficient implementation of point of purchase strategy partnering with our suppliers to sell more and increase market share.

Trade Marketing forms the one point contact for our prestigious multinational and local suppliers. Acting as the single point of contact for principals and partners with regard to consumer and trade marketing activities; the team monitor and track differentiated and insight driven activities resulting in increased rate of sales and improved profits. Development of Channel & Key Customer Plans in alignment with Brand Plans to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage within the Trade Environment is the challenge.

Input into Company Plans, Information Management, Channel Management, Shopper Insights, POP Vision, Developing and Implementing Activity Plans, Trading Terms, Costs and Budgets, Communication, Sales Volume Forecasting, Supplier-led Catman, New Product Introduction etc becomes the major areas of focus for our marketing team to meet the specific challenges in diversified trade channels. Additionally, promo planning and execution, market research & go-to-market strategies for new product launches, distribution tracking, gap analysis, visibility planning, Key customer reviews, RSP surveys, competition reports, POS material updates, post promo analysis, trade spend optimization and ROI analysis are part of their daily routine.

The fully empowered, competent and highly energetic Trade Marketing Team at Gulf International focuses on “Adapting products, logistics and consumer marketing policies to the needs of the trade channels and specific key customers in order to support the brand owners achieve pre-defined objectives in terms of distribution, continuous availability to the consumer, competitive advantage and profitability”.

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